With Transparency, the Income of Klothok Village Reached IDR 1,6 Billion

Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (Fitra) of East Java argued, communities poverty in village around the project of oil and gas shouldn’t occurred if the program that performed by government and operators is well targeted, transparent and accountable.

“Moreover, not only based on the desire but a necessity,” said Analyst and Advocacy Coordinator of East Java Fitra, Miftahul Huda to Suarabanyuurip.com, on Friday (October 10th, 2013).

Huda said, community poverty around the mine gas is not something new. Although in his village is stored of Natural Resources content which is abundant and the results affecting the village income through establishment of Village Allocation Fund (ADD).

“If the management is mistaken, it will inferior than the village which has no natural resources potential,” he added.

Huda pointed out, such as in the Klothok village, Palang District, Tuban. The village has Village Allocation Fund with a large amount despite don’t having oil and gas content.

“In 2013 Village Allocation Fund, it was reached IDR 1.6 billion,” he said.

The gain of this amount came from the village Cash Land management (TKD), the market and the performance of the board of Farmers Water Management Association (HIPPA). The revenue was successfully managed by the village because of the planning and implementation has fulfilled the principles of transparency and accountability.

“Each stage also involves the community,” he said.

Not only that, it also had criticized the government and oil and gas operators that seem to not make the potential of the local economy. Such as traditional markets that are not made ??a priority of economic empowerment through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). (Roz)

Source: http://www.suarabanyuurip.com

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