The Villagers of Tanjung Harap have defeated PTPN On Information Dispute

The Commissioner Assembly of Central Information Commission, finally won the Advocacy Centre for People’s Right to Education (Sahdar) representing the village of Tanjung Harap, District Serbajadi, Serdang Bedagai, in a dispute against PTPN3 Kebun Sarang Ginting. The verdict of this dispute was held at Bellin Swiss Hotel Medan, on Wednesday (October 30th, 2013) chaired by the Commissioner Assembly of Central Information Commission, Yhannu Setiawan.

In its verdict, the assembly stated that the arguments of PTPN3 Kebun Sarang Ginting in rejecting the requested information petition that filed by People from Tanjung Harap not based on the law at all.

“Stating that the information requested, such as: First, Copy of HGU Kebun Sarang Ginting Map; second, certificate copy of HGU No. 4 Kebun Sarang Ginting, and BPN RI Decree Tgl. 37. HGU BPN RI – 2009; Third, Copy of Measure Letter. 06-04-2009, No. 03/Serbajadi/2009; Four, copy of PTPN3 Plantation Business Permit, Kebun Sarang Ginting; Five, copy of EIA documents, Kebun Sarang Ginting; Six, copy of Employment Contract between PTPN3 and the Partner Company of replanting; Seven, copy of CSR Reports from 2010 and 2011 Kebun Sarang Ginting are information that open to public,” said Setiawan Yhannu when reading the verdict.

Because, according to the Law No. 14 of 2008 on Freedom of Information Law and Article 13 paragraph (1) g Information Commission Regulation No. 1 of 2010 on Standard Service of Public Information stated that each public bodies shall make available public information at any time that is at least; the licenses terms, permits issued and or incurred, including supporting documents and the reports of permit arrangement that given.

Therefore, PTPN3 Kebun Sarang Ginting as Public body is required to provide and provide public information as regulated in the Law No. 14 of 2008 and Perki No. 1 of 2010.

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