Complicated Thesis Up To Drop Out Threatened Since Pushing For Transparency

Dare to bear the risk, that’s James Ambarita, student who ask the information about the campus project implementation and financial reports. On 12 November 2013 ago, James came to Jakarta to tell his case the FoINI friends and the media.

This is the following statement:


Starting From Campus Closure

Actually what we are doing is start from the conditions in Unimed thats very closed for students to access information.

Examples of scholarship information; what we do know of the academic handbook that scholarships should be eight, but by UNIMED only be informed to the students are only three, PPM, PPA and Supersemar. Then there are programs the Dikti it called Higher Education research program and entrepreneurship programs that should be given to the students. But in fact, the research program was taken by lecturers, funds were also taken by them, and the research was done by the students as their thesis. Either too the entrepreneurship program.

Then we did a request for information to Unimed. At that time i was as Chief Commissioner in Unimed, we wrote the letter to Public Affairs. After we gave letter then i asked by the Dean of the faculty to meet them. There was the Dean, Assistant Dean and chief of departement, I was told by them, that we are disabled to request information on this campus. Theyíve analogy that how we want to ask our family’s financial information in which we stand as a child? But I said that we have a right and we are protected by the law and we follow the mechanism as it is written in the Freedom of Information Law. Our requests were met with silence.

After no response, then I add a letter objecting to it and I was called again by the Dean of the faculty. There is a threat and intimidation that I received, and I recorded it. When the Assistant Dean three said that all university leaders have been upset with what we did. He said that he thought we had made peace when I called the last time. Then he said that if I did not pull this information request, then I will never be able to finish my thesis proposal or thesis and there will be no extension of the period of my study.

Complicated Thesis

In 2013 I started working on the thesis and on May 23, 2013, I’ve finished the proposal, signed by lecturers and has been said to be OK by the Head of Major Study. But somehow The Head of Major Study even pull my proposal and order me to make new proposal with a new title. I told him that how I can work on a new proposal with 3 months left? But he insisted that I should working on a new proposal. Finally Iíve done the new proposal within a month and already signed by lecturers, but until now the head of major study didnít sign my proposal.

Then about sabbatical, I finally know that according to Circular Rector 2 that for Stambuk 2006 if it cannot hold up the court on August 23, 2013 will automatically drop out from the campus. I am afraid of the circulars, and I’ve made a request to the Rector. I think that I still have the right for this semester.

I discussed with my friends at USU, when they leave to take care of the official letter, the semester does not count. Because we both State University, I think it applies also at Unimed. I’ve read in all academic regulations etc. no statements which are specifically talking about the leave, I said I want to leave.

Still Pay †for †Study

Then about paying tuition, if my study period is up, why do I still pay for college? If I still pay for tuition, means I still have a right to one half again here, but why I did not do a thesis? This means that if you cannot work on my thesis for the study period as a student is out of stock.

I checked in the computer centre Unimed, I enrolled in the semester when there is already another semester. I still only own the semester. At that time I was also enrolled as a student of the school year 2011/2012 as far as I know it was 2012/2013. I therefore believe that my leave application letter that I submitted yesterday was valid. But now I’ve moved mismanagement letter because I worry I will in drop out from Unimed.

When it comes to public disclosure, we won by decision KI Centre who ordered them (Unimed) to provide all the information we asked for. ”

(Adapted from the Minutes of Discussion “The struggle of Information and UPB Students For Justice, 12 November 2013)

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