The Chronologies of Public Information Requests to Unimed Part II

On Wednesday, April 25th 2012, I delivered the objection letter with my friend to Unimed Rectorat. We entered the the office, i gave that letter without asking about letter that i accepted and wrote the receipt. After i signed, we exit the office.

On thursday Mei 1st 2012, the secretary of GMKI FMIPA-UNIMED sent me sms that asking “Am i invited to the office of FMIPA Dean to meet him tomorrow”. I answered, “Nothing, this afternoon i have been invited to meet the Dean, in that time my phone was left in my boarding house. But there is 2 missed call from Vice Dean 3, perhaps it means to invite me to the Dean Office” i said.

Then the secretary replied my sms, he said,”we have been ordered to meet the Dean tomorrow at 9 AM, you probably ask about that letter.”I replied immediately, “Oh my god, i can’t go tomorrow, i have to pick up my brother at Polonia Airport.”

Next day around1 PM, my secretary sent me sms which content is persuade me to meet and discuss about that letter after i finished my study. Around 6 PM, he came to PGI Sumut, we discussed bout it. He said, “We should stop it, if the information requests is given to us, then what should we do”? I answered immediately, “Why should we stop, there is nothing wrong with that, we just ask that and it is our right, and it’s been regulated by the laws. If the information that we’ve requested is given by Unimed, then it’s nice. When we accepted that, it will be new insight to us. We will know how much budget in Unimed financial reports.

The he said, “If you wanna know only, we better stopped, because earlier i have been called by the Head of Department, He said that he just need one day to know me, and i am not necessary know him within 3 years, we have to stopped it”.

Then i said, “i have said yesterday, if you called by the Dean or the Head of Department involved that letter, just said that you know it, you’re only as the letter administrator that issued it, if they ask the amount, tell us that i am in full charge with it. That’s what you have to say, so that you will not get involved with it.”

Then i said again, “We have no fear, they just threatened me, I have been experienced with this before”.

Then he said, “My solution is you should back down, chief, on Friday we will finish it with the Dean”.

I answered, “I will never back down, on Friday we will meet the Dean”.

On Friday Mei 4th, 2012 07.45 AM, I go to the college, On the way go, i meet the secretary, i rode the motorcycle with him. We go to college together. Before i meet the Dean, we discuss for a moment, he said, “We better back down, Chief”.

Then i said, “It is up to you, if you wanna back down, just do it, i understand that you will be pushed in this faculty. Okay, just tell them later that you will back down, but i would never”.

Then both of us go to the Dean office.

At 08.15 AM we have arrived at Dean office. We met the Dean in his room and we greet him. After we entered the room, then Vice Dean 3, Head of Mathematics Department, Head of Mathematics Study Program, Head of Physics Study Program, Head of Physical Education Study Program and Academics Lecturer, Mula Sirait (Secretary of GMKI FMIPA-UNIMED) entered the room. We greet them too.

After we are welcome to sit, Vice Dean 3 ask permission to the Dean immediately and he start the conversation,”We are here on the orders by the Supervisors of University to talk about that you have been wrote. Here are the disposition from Rector” (While showing the disposition letter along the attachment that we have made). Then the Vice Dean 3 said,”After i read the objection letter which you addressed to the rector, my political instinct came alive, you James, is not smart that i thought, i am sure there is someone behind you. If you forward this letter, there will be a risk that you must face, if you still assume us as your parents, you should stop it, but if you not assume me as your parents, we will take affirmative action.”

Then the Head of Mathematics Department said, “I will salute when you did this from the deep of your heart, not because there someone else behind you. For me it shows how fool you are, you are willing to be used by other. In the end, you will be the victims. If you forward this, then do it, we had a rules and laws here. If you ask about the budget, i think it was unethical.”

Then the Vice Dean 3 said, “You should assume that you are not attended, it should be marked by you. It between the parents and the child. We still do the persuasive action. If you still stubborn, perhaps we will do what we have to do. You James, i knew who is behind you.

Then the Dean said, “i feel creeps when hears the students vow, it has been ashamed the almamater.”

Then the Vice Dean 3 said, “I have analyzed it with my friends, i already know what you are goal, but it is up to you. If i have been disturbed, i will track your position. I will sure there is no added time for you to finish your study, and i sure that you can’t finish your proposal and thesis, this day is the stipulation, it is not a threat, everybody is already angry.

Then i said, “Can i talk to you sir”?

They said, “It is your pleasant”.

Then i continues the conversation, “In making this letter, it were pure from ourselves, no ones behind us. If you can shows who is behind us, and if it for sure and can be responsible by you, then we are ready to pull out this, just said that now sir, whom people behind us”.

Then the Dean said, “Never mind, yesterday i thought our meeting is alredy finished, but in fact you are forward this letter. I will collect our professors from this faculty, i will make the faculty senate to talking about you James Ambarita. We will give the decisive action to you”.

Then the Vice Dean 3 answered,”I think you are over confident, i know who is behind you, including the place you have met, but it impossible to me to shows here. If i said here it can expose his disgrace. We better talk eye to eye, i will tell you whom people behind. So, you better not to plade”.

Then the Vice Dean 3 said, “i have told you, you are not as smart as i thought,”.

Then Head of Mathematics Department said, “I have assumed that thing which be charged will not be reached. The goal that their reached is conveyed that public information, and it will not be reached because it do not have the way”.

Then the Dean said, “Public definition by them were not cleared, Does GMKI is an NGO. If they not registered at KESBANGLINMAS, it can be reported, because they make restlessness, there are public definiton told that not all of information can’t be given”.

Then Head of Mathematics Department said, “So, i think they only a victims, and we became busy to solve this”.

And Head of Physics Education Study Program said,”I thought they go to Unimed to study, you have to think about your parents, i will only adivised that anyone who did something then he will bear the consequences, although they carrying the name of GMKI and eventhough you do this from you heart, in the end you will be the victims, if i were your mother, i will cry when my child doing this.”

After the Head of Physics Department invited us to continues the conversation at his room.

At 10.15 AM, we moved out and greet them. We left the Dean room and heading to Head of Physics Department. His room is above the Dean office, we entered and start the discussion. He is talk more about his stories. We just listened him.

One of his stories: “There is a father who had two son and one daughter. They request a razor. The first and second son are given the razor, but the daughter does not, because the first son had a bushy mustache and should be shaven and the second son had a long beard, the daughter have not had mustache and beard to be shaven so she does not given.”

Then he continues, “So the recent history is same as you ask.”

After i heard his story, we have been ordered to answer his questions, he said, “Are you’ll continues it, you have ever said that, Mula”? Then Mula answered, “I think, i will back down from it, Sir”. Then he asked me, “How with you, James, are you’ll continues?”

I said,”Give me three days to consider, because if i answer now, i still in pressure, Sir. So give me three days, Sir. On Monday i will give the answer”.

Then Head of Physics Departement said, ”Okay, I will forward this to the Dean.” After it we permit to leave. At 11.45 AM we left the Head of Physics Department Room. (James Ambarita/AA)

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