The Chronologies of Public Information Requests at Unimed Part 1


On Tuesday, April 10th, 2012 at 02.30 PM i go to the Unimed Public Relation, precisely  on first floor of Administration Building, to deliver the first letter of information request.

I entered the room and asked the staff: ”Is this the Public Relation Office?”

They said: “Yes.”

Later on, i gave the letter to one of the staff at that office.

When i give the letter, they asked me: “where do you come from?”

“I am the student of Unimed, Faculty of MIPA Ma’am”, i answered.

Then they read my letter, they said: “Next time, if you wanna make letter that directed to Unimed Public Relation, the redaction it should be like this: To the Honorable. Head of Unimed Public Relation, not the Head of Public Relation Bureau, because every bureau had a public relation”.

Then i said, “So how with this ma’am, Should i change it?”

Then he said: “It’s okay. But next time if you makes letter to Unimed. It has to be as said before.”

“Yes, ma’am”, i said.

Afterwards she gives that letter to another staff. When he accepted, i gives the letter expedition to be signed by him. He signed it. After i accepted the expedition letter, i said thanks to him and left.

April 11th

Then the next day, April 11th, 2012 around 03.00 PM, i was called via phone someone who confessed his self as Dean Staff of FMIPA Unimed.

He said: “Is this James Ambarita, the Head of GMKI FMIPA Unimed?”

“Yes, Sir. Who is this?” i asked.

“I am the Dean Staff of FMIPA Unimed, tomorrow at 9 AM, the Dean has invited you to come to the office. Can you?”

Then i answered, “Yes, Sir. I can.”

April 12th

On Tuesday April 12th, 2012 at 09.30 AM i have arrived at Dean of FMIPA Office, i saw the Dean in front of the door.

Then i greet him and said, “I am James Ambarita, Sir.”

Afterwards the Dean told me to enter his room, and i did. The Dean also told me to sit.

The Dean made a conversation, he said, “I have surprised, when i read your letter that directed to Unimed Public Relation. Vice Rector III has name Ambarita, you are Ambarita, your secretary are Sirait, i am Sirait. We had same family name.”

He continued, “What semester are you?”

I said “Twelve, Sir”

Dean: “Why don’t graduated yet?”

I said, “I have ever took furlough, so i will take long studies.”

When the Dean continues the conversation, suddenly the Vice Dean III, Head of Mathematics Department and the former Dean entered the room. I stand up and greet them.

The Dean said: “Now i wanna talk to you first James Ambarita. I will speak as your guardian here. Assumes me as your father. I don’t wanna arguing with you about the letter you have made. I listen the news from the top that there are FMIPA Student that made the information request. After i know it was you, i called you here. Please try to think, in a whole family, are the child is worth to asking to the parents about family business? For example like output and family input. I think it is not worthy. Like as you have made, i thought, it was not worthed”.

Then Vice Dean III said: “Now i will ask you first, what your purpose with it?”

I have answered, “On that letter was so cleared, it written our purpose?”

The Vice Dean III is asking again: “It was not what i meant, what i mean is what do you purpose to makes this letter? Are you ask for scholarship from rector, or what? If you want that, i think you were wrong, because when you re-registration as students in 2011, you are reporting there is an illegal fees at FMIPA, on that moment you as if close to the rector but now you have made this letter to against the rector.”

I silent without answering.

Then the Former Dean said, “Long time ago when i was a student, i used to be officiated as the Head of GMKI Commissariat of FMIPA, what i was done on that time is followed up the member, not doing something like you did.”

Then Head Department of Mathematics said: “What you have done is the methods of NGO, it was not students. Now i ask you first, for example if your information requests have been accepted, then what would you do about that?”

I have answered: “If we accepted that information , it may add to our knowledge, at least we used to be know the financial report from a university, who knows if between us will focus to work in project development later. So, we can learn about it now.”

Then Mr. Vice Dean III said while holding the copy of that letter: “When i have accepted this letter, I showed it directly to the former of GMKI FMIPA that were graduated. They are shamed to read this letter, they are silent. So, actually you have been humiliated your organization with the letter you have wrote. You have been humiliated your seniors.”

Then i said: “why should i be ashamed? Or Should i ask you first all? Am i wrong if i make this letter? If you could show my mistakes, i will pull this letter and won’t go forward.”

On that time, i said it and then The Former Dean leave the room, in that room just 4 people left.

Then Mr. Vice Dean III said: “I think your letter was wrong, the purpose of your letter is not for Unimed Public Relation, but it is for Education Ministry. The contents of your letter is also have not an ethics, you forces Unimed Public Relation to reply your letter within 10 days.”

Then Mr. Dean said: “Never mind, it is too many advice that been given by the guardian in this faculty, yes, as your guardian here, i expect you to listen our advice, but if you don’t want, that is up to you. Now, i wanna ask you, will you continues these letter? I think, until here this letter will end, let me take care of this to the rectorat that this letter will not continue. It is better if you take care of your thesis so that you can graduate as soon as possible, i can feel what your parents feel in there village.”

Then Mr. Vice Dean III said: “We have given many advice, that is good if you listen and doing it, but if you still want to continue this letter, of course there is consequences that will faces you.”

After i listen the Vice Dean III talked, i said directly to him: “I think we should end this conversation, i apologize because our meeting can be obstruction for all on doing activities. Honestly, i am proud can discuss with Mr. Dean, Vice Dean and Head of Department. Okay, Sir.  I know that all of you have a lot of work, excuse me, sir.”

Then i stand up and hold their hand and get out from Dean office. (James Ambarita/AA)


Dean of FMIPA UNIMED                            : Prof. Drs. Motlan, MSc, PhD

Vice Dekan III of FMIPA UNIMED        : Drs. Asrin Lubis, M.Pd

Former Dean                                                   : Prof Drs. Manihar Situmorang, MSc, PhD

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