The Struggle of Sumba Women to Access Jamkesmas

Start from confusing of people at Desa Waipangali Kabupaten Sumba Barat Daya (SBD) Provinsi NTT on the way to access the information about Jamkesmas (Jaminan Kesehatan Masyarakat) and Jamkesda (Jaminan Kesehatan Daerah); finally Chief of Local Posyandu, Kristina Ladi, accompanied by her partner Martha Kalaka visits the Health Department (Dinkes) of SBD on October 23rd, 2013 to deliver a letter which contains the request to get information about anything that related to procedure of Jamkesmas/Jamkesda arrangement for their villagers.

But until November, 2013, that letter was not responded by SBD Health Department, armed with the knowledge on mechanism that shown on Law No. 14 of 2008 which now popular as Law of Public Information Openness (KIP), Kristina sent the objection letter that directed to the District Secretary (Sekda) SBD.

The point of KIP Law is obligating all public institution that its purposes involved with state enforcement and operational which is funded partially or fully by APBN and or APBD obliged to open up to deliver the information to public with some exception for information which potentially harm the state security and Health Ministry (Kemenkes) RI via SBD Health Department should give the information bout Jamkesmas/Jamkesda/Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN) that requested by Kristina.

The action of Kristina got a special appreciation from SBD District Secretary, Tony Umbu Zaza on declaration of Forum Perempuan Rahimku event on December, 2013 that attended by arround 70 women activists that comes from village, NGO, State Departments Staff, and other institution within the scope of SBD District Government (Pemkab). On his speech, Tony shows his shock when accepted objection letter from 2 women of Weepangali Village, at time he was happy, because the people is begun to know on their right over public information. They even brave send the objection letter when request of their information is not responded by related department. Tony also emphasize so that the people can ask the information that required with mechanisms which has been regulated KIP Laws.

But in reality, it was not as smooth as oration from the official. On January 2014, one of the member of Kristina family was positively diagnosed suffering from Leukeumia after did the check up at RS Karitas –SBD several times. The hospitals recommends the patients to take treatments at Denpasar Hospital. Because they don’t have money, Kristina called the SBD Head Department to attempt Jamkesmas or other recommendation letter that can ease the medical expenses.

Day after submission of Head of Department called Kristina to prepare the administrative completeness to arrange the Jamkesmas that immediately compliance, but until a week later there is no followed up from SBD Health Department. Kristina continues her attempt by visiting Social Security Administering Agency (BPJS) SBD to search the information procedure of JKN arrangement. Unfortunately, according to BPJS official who was met by Kristina, JKN arrangement needs a long time and can’t immediately directed to hospitals outside NTT Province. Finally with her own expense and helped by family donation, NGO, and financial support from District government; Kristina can send off his sister to receiving treatment at Denpasar. But fate ran another course, after took treatments Kristina’s sister has passed away on February, 2014.

Reflecting on her experienced, Kristina thought that she needs to request the complete information on JKN arrangement to SBD Health Department. So, on April 4th, 2014 accompanied by Agustinus (her fellow Weepangali Village and Facilitator of People Empowerment Pattiro), Kristina submit the letter of information requests to Head of Health PPID (Information and Documentation Management Officer), in this case it was Health Department Secretary. After they accepted at Head of PPID office who responses their requests nicely, and give appreciation on those initiative who have helped government duties. He also mentioned the objection letter that have been submitted by Kristina and Martha on November, 2013 and stated that he had sent the responses but Kristina stated she did not receive the letter intended.

When they talked, Head of Health Department enter the room to submit the CD that contains information about JKN to staff of FPM Pattiro along stated that disposition of letter that directed to Head of Health Services Division had already made but the official who responsible are being outside, so Kristina and friends was requested to came again on another opportunity. Kristina has satisfied enough with responses that been given by SBD Health Department which assessed friendly and responsive by him on giving document that requested. Next day, Kristina with her partner Martha determined to spread the information around JKN arrangement to all level of society so that they can access health facility that becomes those rights as Indonesian citizen.

(Agus Yahya Reports, Kupang NTT / Source: Pattirocatti)

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