The New President and “Thailand-ization” of KIP Laws

Indeed, we are need president who has vision to create a transparent government. Besides the rights, public information will ease the realization of citizen rights fulfillment on economy, social and culture. With assumption, there is a good availability and provision of public information, citizens will be triggered to get their rights. On the other hand, bureaucracy is aware in policy making and implementation, because the public has adequate information on all of these processes.

Then the question, from the two options that are now presented to the public, who is more worthy?. Indeed, if it refers to the parties that carry them, it’s almost lack of expectations. There was no party which is serious encourages the public openness. Indeed, KIP Laws is their own products that backed by citizens, but on implementation, it is all far from the expectations. Whereas in many democratic countries, there is no debate that the political party is a public institution, which also shall be open.

The hope, now we have to pile on personal character by the all candidate. How much far their integrity and track record on open government. Whoever is elected, the public needs to push for “Public Openness” became one of the reform agenda of the new government bureaucracy. We will see whether the new president has enough guts to implement the Freedom of Information Law at the institution. If it is not, it’s hard to expect it be an example of government at the next level. If so, what is the difference between us and Thailand, a country that had a Freedom of Information Law, but the king and his family cannot be touched by the law.

That is why the Official Information Act (Freedom of Information Law) at the State that had a nicknamed as White Elephant States, only produces a Sumalee, he was inspired the birth of the Freedom of Information Law in Thailand, in 1997, he also became a good example of the implementation of the Act, but … why always him, so until now he always be, again and again. We are worried with fate of the Freedom of Information Law in the hands of new president. This regulation could be headed to “Thailand-ization” indication.

That’s all about, if KIP Laws was born and then left, even the leaders themselves cannot be untouched, it will not bring significant impact to the improvement of people’s lives. While on the other hand, the seriousness of citizen doing the increasing of resident capacity, access test, dispute information, public institution assistance, and various other efforts to encourage openness. A purpose, which is actually easier for the President, if he wants to go down and use his power in front of the public institution, which is still just a fool, until now. Yes, up to 6 years, since the law was authorized!

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