Vision of “Information Openness” from Presidential Candidates

Here is the following interview from editorial team of with the Director of Indonesian Parliamentary Center (IPC), Sulastio about Presidential Candidate who has the vision to public openness.

Is there a candidate who has the vision and mission in supporting public openness?

If our reference is the official of their vision- mission, then Jokowi – JK has delivered assertively about the importance of running consistently the Law. 14 of 2008 (on their vision and mission that are misspelled: Law no. 12 of 2008) that contained in the “building the public openness and communication”, even in points below it are also described how to construct the shape of the public openness. Meanwhile, in the vision and mission of Prabowo-Hatta was less appeared on public information support.

Is there a guarantee that the vision and mission will implemented?

Vision-mission is not enough. We also need their previous track record. If I were asked, is there any guarantee that the vision-mission will implemented? The public should encourage them to remember and serious on the promise to implement the Freedom of Information Law. With preconditions, the elected leader has populist character, willing to listen the people will, and firmly against the public institution.

How the agenda for next President in implementing the Freedom of Information?

Actually, the president can only push KIP to the government at national and sub national, if he has integrity to do it. The way to do it is by being an example of implementation on the Freedom of Information Law. Because of that, the first task of the President should be implementing KIP on the whole institution of presidency and ministry.

How IPC role on pushing the openness?

Since the law enacted in 2010, IPC is involved to campaign the right on information and the importance of Freedom of Information Law as a bridge to get another rights.

Until now, the IPC keep involved in pushing the openness on elections and initiating the people to use his right to access the information election.

In addition, IPC manages a website called and twitter account @foiindonesia, which is mandated by the FoINI Coalition, where it can be posted in the website that the visitor continues increase every time.

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