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FoINI Disscussed the Information Commission from Administrative Law Expert Perspective


Jakarta, – In order to formulate institutional study of Information Commission, Indonesian Parliamentary Center along with the Freedom of Information Network Indonesia (FoINI) held a discussions series with titled “Viewing Information Commission from Administrative Law Expert Perspective”. The event which held on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 at Akmani Hotel, Central Jakarta and attended by the Chairman of Central Information Commission …

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The Scan of C1 Form Deserves to be Appreciated, although there may be Fraud


Jakarta, – The hard work of National Election Commission to doing the openness by uploading the C1 form should be appreciated. Publishing the C1 form is transparency steps of election results that worthy of support, because the election fraud results, including presidential elections, always begins from C1 form that is difficult to access for the public. However, according to the …

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KPKNL has Sued the Decision of Information Commission to State Administrative Court

palangka raya

Palangkaraya, – The office of State Property and Auction (KPKNL) Palangkaraya has submitted the appeal on decision of Central Kalimantan Information Commission that ordered to provide information name and address of the buyer’s auction on March 8th, 2004. Then, KPKNL sued the decision of Central Kalimantan Information Commission to the State Administrative Court of Palangkaraya. “Central Kalimantan Information Commission were …

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KPRI Urges the Active Role from Election Commission on Vote Counting of 2014 Presidential Election


The emergence of the victory claims from each faction President candidate, which follows the Presidential Election (Election) in 2014, would have created confusion in public. Claim victory from each faction Presidential candidate is based on the difference of quick count results (quick count) that issued by survey institutions. It shows that the quick count should be a scientific contribution to …

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Presidential Election, Central Information Commission Asked the President, Election Commission, and Journalists to Provide Accurate Information

quick count

Jakarta,- As we know, since the completion of ballot yesterday (July 09th, 2014), a number of survey institution issuing the release of quick count results, most of that published through television broadcasters. Most of survey institution has won the pair number 2 Jokowi-JK, and the others has won the pair number 1 Prabowo-Hatta. Each side also delivered a speech that …

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Survey Institution was Asked to Open the Methodology and Transparency

lembaga survei

Jakarta, – Professor of Research from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Ikrar Nusa Bhakti, regretting the existence of differences results in the quick count that conducted by several survey institution. He asked to the institution to open the methodological aspects and budget transparency. “It should be open to the public, from the methodology aspect should be clear how much …

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Persons with Disabilities has Lack of Information on Presidential Election


Persons with disabilities admitted that they not get enough the socialization related to the presidential election processes which will be held on July 9th, 2014. Extension related to system, the tools that will be used and the companion has not obtained. “Socialization and the latest information on president election is so less. During this time, I got the information through …

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Happy Election Day! Go Vote for New President


There are three momentums that attract public attention, these days. Ramadhan month, presidential election, and the last is world cup. The public option on the start of Ramadan and world cup team favourite is different. But, look at the real and virtual life, the effect of the difference, less powerful than the effects of differences in the choice of presidential …

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FITRA asked the Election Supervisory Board to Watch the Dawn Attack in Presidential Election

politik uang - ilustrasi

Jakarta, -Director of Investigation and Advocacy from Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency, Uchok Sky Khadafi asked the Election Supervisory Board anticipates dawn attack since entering the D-1 Presidential election ballot. He said, the potential of the dawn attack in the presidential election on both sides of participants is quite a lot, it is triggered by several things. First, the lack …

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