Happy Election Day! Go Vote for New President

There are three momentums that attract public attention, these days. Ramadhan month, presidential election, and the last is world cup. The public option on the start of Ramadan and world cup team favourite is different. But, look at the real and virtual life, the effect of the difference, less powerful than the effects of differences in the choice of presidential candidate.

Along the history of Indonesia, it is the presidential election that most suck the public emotion. Various circles, took part build an opinion. Hundreds of community formed to express support or rejection in particular candidate. A number of NGO activists marched endlessly and campaign against one of the candidates. Even, a group of Ulama in the West Java issued illegitimate fatwa to choose one of candidate. Starting from the chaplain to the artist, care suddenly and become brand ambassador.

In cyberspace, it is exciting equally. Do you remember about the blunders that made by Wimar Witoelar?, so that he had to apologize to Muhammadiyah. You do not be surprised if your social media have been unfriend or unfollow suddenly, even by your close friends. Is it due to differences? It is possible. Or perhaps your campaign makes them bored. Yup, the content was repeated, again and again.

In the middle of their conversation, unfortunately the real program of the candidate is less discussed by the audiences. “Two million hectare of new field” by Prabowo or “Health Card” by Jokowi, there is quiet debate about that. Moreover, about their concept of the bureaucratic reform, combating corruption, natural resource management, openness, and other concepts, it is only for consumption by NGO activists.

In build the country, at least for next five years. Is that the concepts are we needed? Well, there is still time to think more clearly, before determining our choices, tomorrow. Happy vote for the new president.

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