Let’s Unloading Misdirection of Public Information on Presidential Election Quick Count Results

Indonesia has gone through an important phase in the development of democracy. Millions of people have used their right to vote to determine the new President and Vice President. The enthusiasm of the people is so high in the Presidential Election, this time even higher than the legislative elections that been held in last April. It shows that Indonesia more advanced in democratic.

Unfortunately, the excitement of citizens in the democracy party is interrupted by the presence of polemic in the results quick count by various survey institutions. Where the eight survey institution has won the pair number 2: Jokowi-Jusuf Kalla. The eight survey institution consists of: Litbang Kompas, RRI, SMRC, CSIS-Cyrus, LSI, IPI, Poltracking Institute, Populi Center. While the four other survey institution has won the pair number 1: Prabowo-Hatta. The four institutions are Puskaptis, JSI, LSN, and IRC. The difference results of quick count bring serious impacts. Both pairs of candidates has declared victory and people become confused due to this situation.

This polemic of quick count if not handled immediately will trigger horizontal conflicts. Each pair of candidate is possible to mobilize their supporters to defend a claim victory.

Based on Article 1, paragraph (3) of Law 14 of 2008 on openness, FoINI considers that several Survey Institute includes public institution must obedient with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Law. One of them is provide the information which is accurate, truthful, and no misleading.

Based on that, we, the Civil Society Coalition for openness or FoINI (Freedom of Information Network Indonesia) expressed:

FIRST: Demanding accountability of quick count that conducted by all survey institution for:

a) Open the quick count information methodological approach that been used

b) Open the information location and the number of samples are used as the data base of presidential elections quick count to all (12) survey organizations.

c) Open the costs source information of quick count from nine (9) survey institutions, i.e:  Litbang Kompas, RRI, CSIS-Cyrus, LSI, IPI, Poltracking Institute, Puskaptis, JSI, LSN, and IRC.

SECOND: Demanding the Central Information Commission to take action in order to avoid confusing the public information such as the results of the survey which potentially misleading.

Demanding Persepi (Association of Public Opinion Survey) that shades LSI, IPI, SMRC, CSIS-Cyrus, Populi Center, JSI and Puskaptis to (within two weeks) perform immediately the audit to survey institution to where they belong and the results should be published to the public. And the Election Commission should obligate another 6 Survey Institution that is not in the shade of Persepi to do the audit by independent public auditors and announce the result, if it not conducted, the Commission should revoke the certificate.

On the audit results of assemblies, if it proven that the information is misleading, then in accordance with the Law on Public Information (KIP) of Article 55, survey institutions and television stations that related can be imprisoned.

Urged law enforcement officials to crack down the survey institution and television stations that are proven spreading inaccurate and misleading information based on the Freedom of Information Law and other laws.

The involvement of some Regional Head in campaign team from each candidate has the potential for abuse of authority in the vote counting process. Therefore, the President as head of state must ensure the neutrality of Regional Head.

Asks the Commission to broadcast or announce the voting results in the mass media (print and electronic) simultaneously in all regions of Indonesia after the official announcement of the presidential election counting recapitulation on July 22nd, 2014.


Jakarta, July 11st, 2014

FoINI (Freedom Of Information Network Indonesia)

YAPPIKA, PATTIRO, ICW, IPC, TII, Seknas FITRA, ICEL, IBC, MediaLink, Perludem, IBC, PSHK, SBMI, Koak Lampung, PATTIRO Serang, PATTIRO Banten, Perkumpulan INSIATIF, PATTIRO Semarang, KRPK Blitar, Sloka Institute, SOMASI NTB , Laskar Batang, PIAR NTT, KOPEL Makassar, SKPKC Papua, MaTA Aceh, GerAk Aceh, JARI Kalteng, KH2Institute, PUSAKO Unand, FITRA Riau, LPI PBJ, Institute Tifa Damai Maluku, Perkumpulan IDEA Yogyakarta

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