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Two Advice For Information Commission to be Independent


Jakarta – Indonesian Parliamentary Center (IPC) asked the government in order to make the Information Commission as independent institution fully. During this time, the commission’s has been assessed paradoxes. On the one hand, Commission running his duties and functions must be independent, in terms of administration and budget they referring to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kominfo). According …

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South Kalimantan Information Commission has been Inducted


Banjarmasin, – The Governor of South Kalimantan, Rudy Ariffin inducted the member of Information Commission of South Kalimantan from period 2014-2015 at Abdi Persada Graha, South Kalimantan government on Wednesday (August 27th, 2014). The induction has been presented by the Official Echelon level 2 of the provinces. South Kalimantan Information Commission members were inducted is Samsul Rani, Tamliha Harun, M. …

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Constitutional Court Assess the Opening of Ballot Box That Carried by the Commission Doesn’t Violate the Law


Jakarta, – Constitutional court rejected a lawsuit filed by the team of Presidential Candidate Prabowo-Hatta Rajasa. The decision issued on the Constitutional Court which took place on Thursday (August, 21st) in Jakarta. One of the decisions of the Constitutional Court that rejected the lawsuits of Prabowo team related to Election Commission who opened the ballot box. In the second lawsuit …

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ICW Propose to Imprison 100 Corruptors in First 100 Days of New Presidency


Jakarta, – Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) propose to the president and vice president elected to push providing a deterrent effect to corruptors. One of them asked the Attorney General to immediately put 100 corruptors into a prison who have permanent legal force or runaways. “In 100 day, there should be 100 corruptors arrested, it is reasonable,” said Coordinator of Law …

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The Findings of 2014 Election Access Test


Tangerang, the general findings of 2014 election access test are presented by the researcher of Indonesian Parliamentary Center, Erik Kurniawan. He was convey the condition of openness in 2014 election at the Workshop titled “Exploring Learning Test Results” in Serpong, August 14-16th, 2014 at Ara Hotel, Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten. Erik detailing some institutional issues of General Elections Commission (KPU) …

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Information Commission of West Kalimantan has been Established


Jakarta,- Information Commission of West Kalimantan has been established on August 21st, 2014. The establishment is based on the announcement letter No. 162/139/DPRD-D on August 21st, 2014. received the news by electronic mail from the researcher of Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (ICEL), Dessy Eko Prayitno on Friday, August 22nd, 2014. Here are the names of the members of …

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Interpretation and Legal Logic of the relation between Central Interpretation and Legal Logic of the relation between Central Information Commission and Provincial Information Commission

komisi informasi

Jakarta, – The relationship between Central Information Commission and Provincial Information Commission is unregulated as hierarchical institution in the Freedom of Information Law. But according to the Commissioner of Central Information Commission Yhanu Setiawan, both of them have a relationship above. According to Yhanu, textually, there is no structural relationship that the Central Information Commission is higher than the provincial …

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Central Information Commission: Information Commission Need Independence in Administration and Human Resources


Jakarta, – The commissioner of Central Information Commission Yhannu Setiawan said that one of the tasks of Information Commission is to resolve the dispute information. Such a task requires administrative independence for finance and human resources. “We cannot choose those people based on capabilities, the capacity based on the dispute resolution,” he told to after a discussion that facilitated …

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FoINI Inovation Award for Election Commission and


Tangerang – Freedom of Information Network Indonesia (FoINI) or civil society organizations network and individual who intensive to push openness in Indonesia give an award to the Election Commission and This award is named FoINI Innovation Award. According to Widiyarti from PATTIRO which incorporated in FoINI, the first award made by FoINI was given at the Sofyan Hotel on …

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