Openness Innovation 2014 election

FOINI Release; Openness Innovation of 2014 Election as Bridge of Public Participation

The openness is precondition in the management of public resources participatory and responsibly. Law No. 14 of 2008 is the legal guarantee for openness, and leadership is another factor so that the law can be effective to support openness. The initiative from General Elections Commission to publish form C1 is an innovative step by Commission (Leadership) as a public institution that received the mandate of Law No. 14 of 2008 on openness to promote the transparency and quality of democracy in Indonesia.

The steps that have been made by the Commission also stimulated the people to take the initiative and contribute as an effort to utilize the data that has been opened by the commission. is a form of creativity by the nation in facilitating public or audience to escort the tiered counting process (Real Count) by the Commission. In public can report and correct every errors that been found in the C1 document that published by the Commission so it can minimize the conflicts caused by result from the election.

In the middle of the presidential election dispute, FoINI assess and give appreciation to the commission as public institution on innovation to publish C1 form at and which have participated and utilize C1 form that published by the Commission to be corrected, supervised and escorted by the public.

However, what has been done by the Commission as a public institution in encouraging transparency and promoting openness in Indonesia, based on research conducted by FoINI still leaves a lot of homework, including;

The absence of Documentation and Information Management Officer (PPID) that is mandated by the Freedom of Information Law (KIP Law)

The absence of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of Public Information Services

The absence of public Information list and,

Form C1 has never been published in every district/sub-district and legislative election

Therefore, FOINI encourages the Commission as public institution for immediately;

Appoint the Manager of Information and Documentation Officer (PPID)

Develop the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of public information services

Develop and publish a public information list (DIP)

Encouraging District Election Commission to publish C1 form in every district/sub-district elections


Jakarta, August 14th, 2014

FOINI | Freedom of Information Network Indonesia

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