Waiting for the Promises on Good Information Services By the Election Commission

The access test results by Indonesian Parliamentary Center (IPC) has opened the public view to the election Commission, the results shows how bad the public information services in election commission, the information services still under the KIP law standards. From 40 requests of information, only 7 petitions that has been served. These applications were submitted by e-mail and request orally (directly).

The learning from this process: 1. There are two potential facilities that been ignored by the Commission, including the request via fax and email. 2 There are two types of potential information that been ignored, including budgetary and logistical information request. Of course this is ironic, considering the budgetary and logistical information is public information that must be opened. While the way to request information by email and fax also, equally guaranteed by the law, especially the Commission has upload it on their site.

Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID) of the commission has not been established well until this day. In fact, the official is needed to build the information service system as mandated by law. The previous commission has created two rules related to the implementation of KIP Law, the Standard Operating Procedures of Data and Information Service, and PKPU No. 23 of 2010 on Guidelines for Information Services in the Election Commission circle. IPC access test proves, these two rules, does not work effectively in the Election Commission.

Election Commission in the district is no difference. Despite there is development budget of PPID, but from the 4 district that have been researched by IPC including South Sulawesi, Jakarta, East Java, and Aceh, none of them have had PPID. Then where is the money? We donít know! As organizers of election, the Commission considered successful in socializing election stages, but as a public institution, the Commission still closed actually. The indication was very simple. Just request the information about budget and logistics of the secretariat or look at the Commission website, is there information about that?

If the promise of the commissioners to make the institution open is difficult to realize, due to the busyness of election, may be after the constitutional Court decision, they had to clean themselves. Fix the internal system is the real responsibilities of the commission leaders.

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