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Independent Institution Shown By Budget Autonomy


Information Commission continue to be encouraged to become independent institution to perform its functions maximally. During this time, this institution especially in the budget, still a part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (Kemenkominfo). As a result, the institution gets a lot of obstacles. To find out how the obstacles of Information Commission which not independent in terms …

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JPIP-USAID Appreciated the Central Information Commission with Accountability Award


Jakarta, – The Java Post Institute of Pro-Autonomy (JPIP) in cooperation with USAID give Accountability awards to the Central Information Commission (KIP). Trophy award is awarded by Executive Director of JPIP, A. Rohman Budijanto to the Chairman of Central Information Commission Abdulhamid Dipopramono at Bidakara Hotel Ballroom Jakarta, on Tuesday (September 9th, 2014). According to Rhido Jusmad from JPIP, essentially …

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Election Through Council Enclosed Space of Transparency


Jakarta, – Election of regional becomes hot issue in the mass media such as Twitter and Facebook. House representative members are being rolled out draft law to restore direct elections through the regional representative council (DPRD) resulting pros and cons. Researcher from Indonesia Parliamentary Center (IPC) Erik Kurniawan argues, in the context of Indonesia is more appropriate to use direct …

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The Consolidation of Information Commission Towards the Society of Information

rakornas 2

Mataram, -In order to realize openness, the Central Information Commission in collaboration with the Information Commission of West Nusa Tenggara held 2014 National Coordination of Information Commission Meeting. The event was held on September 12nd until September 14th, 2014 in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara . Coordination Meeting was opened by the Minister for National Development Planning Agency, Prof. Dr. Armida …

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Transparency International has Launched the Comparative Study of State Secrets Law


Jakarta, -Transparency International (TI) has launched comparative study of state secrets law that conducted in 15 countries and the European Union. The law is a rule that balances between the openness and national security. “State secrets law must be consistent with the openness law. The mechanism must work in synergy,” says TI researcher, Adam Foldes, at Atlet Century Hotel, Senayan, …

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The commissioner of Central Information Commission Invited FoINI for Judicial Review of Freedom of Information Law

john fresly

Jakarta – One of commissioner of Central Information Commission, John Fresly identified several key issues that inhibit the implementation of openness (Freedom of Information Law). According to him, one of the inhibitors is the formulation of article 29 of the Freedom of Information Law which regulates the secretariat of Information Commission as a major supporter of the passage of Information …

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Information Commission of Riau Concluded that the Receipt is Confidential and not Public Document


Related to the demands of a non-governmental organization on receipts and notarization, KPI asserted that the information is compulsory secret. Pekanbaru, – Information Commission of Riau stated that the receipt and notary act is not a public information, it has categorized as confidential information. It has answered questions of public, government institution and legal entities that use state budget. It …

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