Daily Archives: Friday September 12th, 2014

The commissioner of Central Information Commission Invited FoINI for Judicial Review of Freedom of Information Law

john fresly

Jakarta One of commissioner of Central Information Commission, John Fresly identified several key issues that inhibit the implementation of openness (Freedom of Information Law). According to him, one of the inhibitors is the formulation of article 29 of the Freedom of Information Law which regulates the secretariat of Information Commission as a major supporter of the passage of Information …

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Information Commission of Riau Concluded that the Receipt is Confidential and not Public Document


Related to the demands of a non-governmental organization on receipts and notarization, KPI asserted that the information is compulsory secret. Pekanbaru, – Information Commission of Riau stated that the receipt and notary act is not a public information, it has categorized as confidential information. It has answered questions of public, government institution and legal entities that use state budget. It …

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