Election Through Council Enclosed Space of Transparency

Jakarta, – Election of regional becomes hot issue in the mass media such as Twitter and Facebook. House representative members are being rolled out draft law to restore direct elections through the regional representative council (DPRD) resulting pros and cons.

Researcher from Indonesia Parliamentary Center (IPC) Erik Kurniawan argues, in the context of Indonesia is more appropriate to use direct election system. “The first election has been practiced in Indonesia since 2005. It should be maintained as a form of keeping the sovereignty of the people,” he told to kebebasaninformasi, Thursday (September 11st, 2014).

Then, he said, in the Constitution’s Article No. 18, regional heads must be selected democratically, but historically amendment of the Constitution in article 18 was done before article 6a on Presidential Election. “Well, what is desired in the regional heads election is same with presidential election, in terms of the direct choice,” he said.

He added, we are agree that the election through council is also democratic, but when compared with the direct elections, is clearly more democratic because the good fortune of people is preferred than the voice of their representatives in Parliament.

When asked about the output leader from direct election and through council, Erik answered with an example. “Products of direct election like Jokowi, it’s become a sort of national leadership level, tested first, does he desire to lead by the people or not? Well, after he succeeded, he rose to the national level,” he explained.

Erik added, in the 2019 elections, if the direct election can be maintained, the production of the local leadership will be more dynamic than election through council.

Because, said Erik, election through council was clearly closing the spaces for candidates who have capacity, integrity, but had no strong political power and did not have much money. “But unlike the direct election, he had a chance to compete. Well, if it was removed, in 2019 the leadership baton going to drop out,” he explained.

He strengthens his statement with an example. He said, the mayor of Surabaya, the Governor of Central Java, Banyuwangi Regent, Bontaeng Regent and several other regional head in 2019 has the potential to fill the national leadership. “Imagine if in the future, direct election was removed, they will run out.”

Contrast to the results of council elections, according to Erik, our experience before 1999, had no alternative figure, “always the same person, again and again,” he said.

He said the election through council would close the space of transparency. “Well, through direct election if the political money happened, a lot of tools and regulations to open space of transparency, campaign finance report should available, audit, money politics is very easily identified,” he explained.

Contrast to election through the Council, 50 members to the district/city, or 100 people to the province, space of transparency enclosed at all. (AA)

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