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The Consolidation of Information Commission Towards the Society of Information

Mataram, -In order to realize openness, the Central Information Commission in collaboration with the Information Commission of West Nusa Tenggara held 2014 National Coordination of Information Commission Meeting. The event was held on September 12nd until September 14th, 2014 in Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara .

Coordination Meeting was opened by the Minister for National Development Planning Agency, Prof. Dr. Armida Alisyahbana, MA along with the Governor of NTB Dr. K.H. TGH. Muhammad Zainul Majdi, MA. The session then continued public seminar with the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, Dr. Hamdan Zoelva, SH., MH and Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Dr. Abraham Samad, SH. MH. The Corruption Eradication Commission and the Constitutional Court supports the effort to create a new governance of Indonesia that democratic through the right to information.

Same thing also expressed by the Director of Political and Communication of National Development Planning Agency Dr. Raden Siliwanti MPIA. He stated that to realize the openness is not only the mandate of law but to build a democracy in Indonesia. BAPPENAS expect the formation of new PPID  reach out 40% and it should be increased because public institutions are required to meet the information needs of the public so that Indonesian democracy index can be corrected and toward of consolidation of democracy stage.

The General Director of Information and Public Communication Department Freddy H. Tulung also see that the freedom information law is already good, but Indonesia needs to make openness as the way of life in order to realize the society of information.

The second day of meeting followed by session of Information Commission accountability from provincial and district/sub-district on the development of openness in their respective areas.

In that accountability, reflected that largely of local government has limited support in the realization of the right to information. Some areas do not even have a secretary and other support structures. On the one hand, it is an obstacle for the Information Commission duties and functions. However, there are also areas that are supported by local governments in the framework of the right to information fullfilment. (Desiana Samosir)

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