Transparency International has Launched the Comparative Study of State Secrets Law

Jakarta, -Transparency International (TI) has launched comparative study of state secrets law that conducted in 15 countries and the European Union. The law is a rule that balances between the openness and national security.

“State secrets law must be consistent with the openness law. The mechanism must work in synergy,” says TI researcher, Adam Foldes, at Atlet Century Hotel, Senayan, South Jakarta, on Thursday (September 09th, 2014).

According to Adam, the openness is the right of every citizen. However, there are information limitations that can and cannot be known. “The information which if known by the public will harm national security, it is to be kept secret,” he said.

That restriction need to be outlined in the law. Where the information classification that can and cannot be known by citizens having its provisions. “So that public also have the right to know which information access is appropriate or not,” said Adam.

He also hoped, in the future Indonesia will implement openness policy that balances the rules relating to national security.

“It is not difficult to obtain the balance. Good rule of law will give many advantages, “added Adam. (metrotvnews.com/AA)

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