E-KTP. Tempo/Tony Hartawan
E-KTP. Tempo/Tony Hartawan

Since the Data is Vulnerable to Leak, Central Information Commission Support the Moratorium of e-KTP

Jakarta, Kebebasaninformasi.org Minister of Internal Affairs, Tjahyo Kumolo states will do moratorium of the e-KTP program. Programs that have been implemented since the previous Minister, Gamawan Fauzi will be stopped due to several reasons.

First, according to Tjahyo, Ministry of Internal Affairs need to evaluate the quality and quantity of data. Secondly, it is also necessary to evaluate the e-KTP system and technology. Third, evaluation on the implementation of public services and main administration systems. Fourth, Ministry of Internal Affairs need to evaluate the system and data security of e-KTP program. And fifth, re-inventory the availability of devices and form.

Tjahyo also revealed that the application of e-KTP was developed by the developer abroad. “Application development is done remotely from outside, so there is potential for population data will be taken by unauthorized parties,” said Tjahjo as reported by detik.com.

Server Abroad

Tjahyo state that the e-KTP is a part of the population data and confidential data state. “The right of citizens that should be guaranteed by the government,” he said.

Currently, the ministry of internal affairs has found some irregularities related to projects that spent budget as much as IDR 6.7 trillion. One of them is the alleged of all the e-KTP data servers are abroad.

“We are still ensuring where the server is located. Now it is still confusing,” he said.

The presence of fake e-KTP

In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs also has found fake e-KTP circulating in the community. Not known for certain the mode of forgery of e-KTP. Ministry of Internal Affairs was still studying the case.

The fake e-KTP, declared very similar to the original. It has the same look and design. Even the security hologram which is the characteristic of e-KTP can be made very similar.

“The hologram is original, it can be read. But it was a fake,” said Tjahjo.

Tjahyo, stated there are two factories that allegedly doubled the fake e-KTP that is located in China and France.

Supports Moratorium

In response, the Commissioner of Central Information Commission, Rumadi Ahmad, asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs to suspend the manufacture of Electronic Identity Card aka e-KTP, because the used servers are belong to another country. Rumadi worries about population data leak. “The server is vulnerable to be accessed by another party for various purposes,” said Rumadi in a press release on Saturday, November 15th, 2014.

“This is worrying, because it threatens national defense. Population data is a personal data. The state has an obligation to protect the truth and secrecy,” he said.

According to Rumadi, Ministry of Internal Affairs was responsible in protecting the data population, as stated in Administration Population Law. “If it is true that the data population is vulnerable accessed by other countries, it means that Indonesia give the data population to other countries,” he said, quoted by tempo.co.

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