FoINI Probes East Kalimantan Information Commission Candidates

FoINI Probes East Kalimantan Information Commission Candidates

4 May 2016

Information Commission (KI) is a state auxiliary body that is established according to the mandate of Law No. 14/2008 about Public Information Disclosure (UU KIP) and is responsible in carrying out tasks stipulated in UU KIP, which are resolving information disputes and establishing policies or technical regulations of UU KIP implementation on standards of public information services and how to solve public information disputes.

In order for East Kalimantan to have a KI of integrity, IPC, as the secretariat of FOINI, JATAM KALTIM, WALHI KALTIM and POKJA 30 KALTIM saw the need to oversee the selection for KI by probing the track records of candidates for members of East Kalimantan KI.

The track record examination was conducted on 18 names announced by the selection team. The names are as follow:

  1. Masdari
  2. Indra Zakaria
  3. Abdus Salam
  4. Muhammad Fadelis Sigalingging
  5. Juliati
  6. Sarifudin
  7. Erni Wahyuni
  8. Muhammad Ramli
  9. Senci Han
  10. Hibbu Mida Balfas Syam
  11. Lilik Lukitasari
  12. Muhammad Khaidir
  13. Muhammad Imron Rosyadi
  14. Rudi Taufana
  15. Habib
  16. Kukuh Tugiono
  17. Dedy Cahyadi
  18. Lazuardi

The results of the examination were submitted to the selection team on Friday, April 15, 2016.

On April 15, 2016, East Kalimantan DPRD conducted fit and proper test and announced five top names as members of KI and five other names as reserves, they are:

  1. Senci Han
  2. Hibbu Mida Balfas Syam
  3. Lilik Lukitasari
  4. Muhammad Khaidir
  5. Muhammad Imron Rosyadi
  6. Rudi Taufana
  7. Habib
  8. Kukuh Tugiono
  9. Dedy Cahyadi
  10. Lazuardi

From the examination, one candidate chosen by the DPRD had some ethical issues when working at Public Body. FOINI lamented the selection teamís decision to choose a candidate with bad track records as it could result in bad influence in carrying out duties in the future. (Desiana Samosir)


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