Public Testing for Aceh Information Commission Members Period 2016-2020

Public Testing for Aceh Information Commission Members Period 2016-2020

4 May 2016

IPC and FOINI network in Aceh, which is the Aceh Transparency Society (MaTA), saw the need to oversee the selection of the Information Commission in Aceh after conducting track record examination and public testing on prospective members of the Aceh Information Commission at the Syiah Kuala University on May 3, 2016.

The public testing involved three panelists, they were Dr. Taqwadin Husein (Head of Aceh Ombudsman Representative Office), Yaren Dinamika (Serambi Journalist) and Desiana Samosir (FOINI Secretariat).

The public testing was attended by:

  1. Afrizal Tjoetra
  2. Cut Hayatun
  3. Yusran
  4. Hamdani Nurdin
  5. Nurlaily
  6. Jehalim Bangun
  7. Tasmiati Emsa

Other three candidates, which are Arman Fauzi, Ety Rochaeti and Zulfikar Muhammad could not participate in the test.

Seven candidates of the Aceh Information Commission also signed Piagam Komitmen (Commitment Charter) which contains the following:

  1. Carrying out the mandates of Law No. 14/2008 about Public Information Disclosure and other related regulations to encourage transparency and anti-corruption
  2. Willing to build partnership with the government, society and other parties to realize the implementation of Law No. 14/2008 about Public Information Disclosure as well as other related regulations in Aceh Province.
  3. Submitting official wealth reports (LHKPN) regularly as stipulated in the law.
  4. Upholding code of ethics in carrying out duties as commissioner of Aceh Information Commission for the period of 2016-2020 as well as conducting regular evaluation.
  5. Willing to relinquish membership and position in other public bodies after being appointed as Information Commission member.
  6. Willing to work full-time as mandated by the law and other regulations.
  7. Willing to resign from Aceh Information Commission if proven to have violated the law in the future.

FOINI will give the results of the public testing and the signed Commitment Charter to Commission I of DPR in Aceh so that it can be used as consideration to choose the best candidate. (DA)




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