DPRD Jakarta Urged to Publish Attendance Report

23 February 2014

The Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) has been urged to publish their attendance report so that 7,021,514 voters in Jakarta will be able to know their work, according to Jakarta Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI) public policy head CecepHandoko.

Cecep said PBHI had sent a letter to DPRD asking for the attendance report as it could become indication of performance of 94 DPRD members who mostly will re-run for legislative elections in 2014.

“DPRD must be more transparent in showing their poor performance, ranging from slow decision on regional budget and unachieved target of passing regional laws in 2013,” said Cecep.

In the letter to DPRD chairman FerrialSofyan, PBHI requested for immediate announcement of attendance report as it will serve as parameter and information for voters in the next elections so that voters can be more objective in voting the next DPRD members for a better Jakarta.

Source: detik.com

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