Pattiro: BPK Not Yet Open

12 February 2014

The Centre for Research and Information (Pattiro) said that the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) had not consistently implemented information openness.

“BPK does not give public access to the first and second Hambalang audit report. BPK exempts that information,” said Pattiro executive director Sad Dian Utomo.

According to Sad Dian, the information was given to Commission IX of the DPR in August 2013 so the information is clearly not exempted.

“Based on Article 7 clause (5) of Law No. 15/2006 about Supreme Audit Agency, audit report that has been submitted to DPR, DPD and DPRD is open for public. We are worried that if the reports are not open for the public, there will be political bargaining that can harm the people,” he said.

Sad Dian also questioned BPK’s decision to give the report to the parliament as BPK should’ve only given the report to law enforcement agencies and DPR is not a law enforcement agency and does not have the authority to obtain information containing investigation results and fraud forensic.

He said BPK’s attorney argued that they submitted the audit report to DPR because they needed it for audit. The request from the parliament for the report is also the first time from external party.

“Does the DPR even have rights to ask for audit report? Do they have the authority for that? Because they are not a law enforcement agency that can receive exempted information from BPK, DPR and BPK can be subjected to article 54 clause (1) of Law No. 14/2008 about public information openness,” said Sad Dian.

The aforementioned article 54 states that any party that has no right to receive and/or provide exempted information is subjected to two years of imprisonment and fine of Rp10,000,00.

Source: BeritaSatu

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