Record from Information Dispute Jatam vs BLH

12 February 2014 Transparency has become a public demand. The issuance of Law No. 14/2008 about Public Information Openness (UU KIP) has made public bodies incapable of covering up information that people need. The following is an account of information dispute between the Samarinda Environmental Agency (BLH) and the East Kalimantan Mining Advocacy (Jatam). On 21 March 2013, BLH submitted …

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Pattiro: BPK Not Yet Open

12 February 2014 The Centre for Research and Information (Pattiro) said that the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) had not consistently implemented information openness. “BPK does not give public access to the first and second Hambalang audit report. BPK exempts that information,” said Pattiro executive director Sad Dian Utomo. According to Sad Dian, the information was given to Commission IX of …

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DPRD Jakarta Urged to Publish Attendance Report

23 February 2014 The Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) has been urged to publish their attendance report so that 7,021,514 voters in Jakarta will be able to know their work, according to Jakarta Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI) public policy head CecepHandoko. Cecep said PBHI had sent a letter to DPRD asking for the attendance report as it could …

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(Bahasa) Berangus Pungli dengan Penguatan Sistem IT dan Keterbukaan Informasi


Berangus Pungli dengan Penguatan Sistem IT dan Partisipasi Publik melalui Keterbukaan Informasi JAKARTA Setelah mencanangkan pemberantasan pungutan liar (pungli), Presiden Joko Widodo mengingatkan agar aksi tersebut tak berhenti hanya sebagai sebuah gerakan simbolik atau seremonial semata, namun harus betul-betul fokus dan konkret di lapangan. Di mata Presiden, langkah reformasi hukum yang dicanangkan dengan gebrakan aksi pemberantasan pungli melalui tim …

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President Jokowi Asked to Push his Ministers to be Transparent in Budget


Jakarta, – The Step of President Joko Widodo or familiarly called Jokowisoliciting advice from Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (PPATK) related to the formation of cabinet composition is appropriateconsidered. But it should not stop there. It is better if it will be accompanied with efforts of Jokowi to clamp down on the use …

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Minister of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Wants Data Transparency


Jakarta – Joint meeting between Minister for Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Maritime will discuss a lot of things. One of them is the transparency of marine data to the public. “We’ve been searching small fishermen, nice coast. I’ve got the data of large ships that now being big issue,” said Minister of Maritime and Fisheries AffairsSusi Pudjiastuti in …

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Transparency of Jakarta District Parliament, Right of the People!


Observers of Constitutional Law, Refly Harun, asserted that the civil society as a direct voters have the right “to press” the Jakarta District Parliament. “Build our triangle, local government, regional head, and District Parliament. Our civil society have not been strong,” said Refly, when being speaker of public discussion of the Youth Pledge openness in the Jakarta District Parliament, on …

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Information Commission Act Being Sued to Court Constitutional due to Independency

komisi informasi pusat

The existence of Information Commission started to be questioned by some parties. It is due to independency of Information Commission which has been established as an independent agency is not fully independent. On that matter, a number of parties who are commissioners of Information Commission and several commissioners of provincial filed a judicial review to the Court Constitutional (MK). Through …

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Transparency International has Launched the Comparative Study of State Secrets Law


Jakarta, -Transparency International (TI) has launched comparative study of state secrets law that conducted in 15 countries and the European Union. The law is a rule that balances between the openness and national security. “State secrets law must be consistent with the openness law. The mechanism must work in synergy,” says TI researcher, Adam Foldes, at Atlet Century Hotel, Senayan, …

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Banda Aceh Government Launched the Online Information Application


Banda Aceh, – Banda Aceh Government through the Department of Transportation, Communication and Information (Dishubkominfo) of Banda Aceh that has launched applications namely online information request in the City Hall Room, Tuesday (September 2nd, 2014). This application can facilitate the people to access and obtain information. Mayor of Banda Aceh, Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal after launching the application said the public …

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