General Elections Commission Targeting the PKPU on Openness Finish at the End of Month

20121030Ferry Kurnia Rizkiansyah-indonesiarayanews.com

Efforts to strengthen the openness in the General Elections Commission (KPU) still continue to be encouraged. After 2014 election and before the implementation of districts election in 2015 become the right momentum to set up the infrastructure on this subject. There are four main agenda to encourage the openness in the Commission including the ratification of the General Elections Commission …

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Election Through Council Enclosed Space of Transparency


Jakarta, – Election of regional becomes hot issue in the mass media such as Twitter and Facebook. House representative members are being rolled out draft law to restore direct elections through the regional representative council (DPRD) resulting pros and cons. Researcher from Indonesia Parliamentary Center (IPC) Erik Kurniawan argues, in the context of Indonesia is more appropriate to use direct …

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The Scan of C1 Form Deserves to be Appreciated, although there may be Fraud


Jakarta, – The hard work of National Election Commission to doing the openness by uploading the C1 form should be appreciated. Publishing the C1 form is transparency steps of election results that worthy of support, because the election fraud results, including presidential elections, always begins from C1 form that is difficult to access for the public. However, according to the …

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Presidential Election, Central Information Commission Asked the President, Election Commission, and Journalists to Provide Accurate Information

quick count

Jakarta,- As we know, since the completion of ballot yesterday (July 09th, 2014), a number of survey institution issuing the release of quick count results, most of that published through television broadcasters. Most of survey institution has won the pair number 2 Jokowi-JK, and the others has won the pair number 1 Prabowo-Hatta. Each side also delivered a speech that …

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Persons with Disabilities has Lack of Information on Presidential Election


Persons with disabilities admitted that they not get enough the socialization related to the presidential election processes which will be held on July 9th, 2014. Extension related to system, the tools that will be used and the companion has not obtained. “Socialization and the latest information on president election is so less. During this time, I got the information through …

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KIPP Assessed that KPU has not Enough In Socializing the Vision-Mission of Candidates and the Polling Stations


Jakarta, – Chairman of the Independent Election Monitoring Committee (KIPP) Willi Sumarlin assess, in terms of openness, General Election Commission has been opened conveying information of vision-mission from two pairs of presidential candidates with displaying on the Commission website, kpu.go.id. Moreover, it added with candidate debates on television. However, according to Willi, it is not enough to reach all people …

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Election Commission has Clarified on Leaked Allegation of Debate Material for Presidential Candidates


Jakarta, – Commissioner of General Election Commission, Sigit Pamungkas has clarified the leaked allegation of debate material for Presidential candidates in the first round that aired on several television stations on Monday (June 10th, 2014). Sigit asserted, the leaking of debate material with theme “Democracy Development, Good Governance and Legal Certainty” alleged to one of the presidential candidate is overwhelming. …

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The Number of Polling Stations has Shrunk, JPPR Asked KPU to Give Information Long Before the Election


Jakarta – The number of polling stations in the 2014 Presidential Election will shrink about 67.464, in legislative elections the number of polling stations are around 545,803, while the presidential election would be decreased to 478.339. The depreciation is due to merger of some polling stations. According to the Commissioner of Election Commission, Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah, as quoted by Kompas …

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JPPR Assessed that the Socialization of Vision and Mission from the Candidates is not Evenly Distributed


Jakarta, – JPPR appreciate the speed of the General Election Commission in delivering  vision and mission of the President and Vice Presidential candidates that will be chosen on July 9th via website. But, who knows about percentage of voters that already know. “In terms of the speed of delivering information, the Commission should be appreciated, but the question is, are …

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KIP Aceh Should be Open about Election Information


Banda Aceh – Former Commissioner of the Independent Election Commission in Aceh, Ilham Saputra said, it is important for election organizer to be open to public about all information of election. “The current Commission is more open than the previous one, but similar things were not occur in Aceh Independent Election Commission or Election Commission in other areas” said Ilham Saputra, …

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There Must be Clarity on Election Information Definition

Dahlia Umar-oke

The Chief of District Election Commission (KPUD) of DKI Jakarta, Dahlia Umar states that there needs clarity about election information. It is submitted on limited discussion about review on Information Commission Rules Plan (Raperki) at office of Central Information Commission (KIP Pusat), Jakarta (February 6th). How with the information about medical record  from the candidates or district chief candidates. So …

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There’s Need Special Acceleration on Election Information Services


There’s need acceleration on procedure to get the public information in election. On regulation of procedure to get the public information, it needs time around 10+7 of work days to get the information. With that condition, it could not absolutely capable to accommodate the interests of information applicants because the election phases is rigid and fast. As submitted by member …

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