Record from Information Dispute Jatam vs BLH

12 February 2014 Transparency has become a public demand. The issuance of Law No. 14/2008 about Public Information Openness (UU KIP) has made public bodies incapable of covering up information that people need. The following is an account of information dispute between the Samarinda Environmental Agency (BLH) and the East Kalimantan Mining Advocacy (Jatam). On 21 March 2013, BLH submitted …

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Pattiro: BPK Not Yet Open

12 February 2014 The Centre for Research and Information (Pattiro) said that the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) had not consistently implemented information openness. “BPK does not give public access to the first and second Hambalang audit report. BPK exempts that information,” said Pattiro executive director Sad Dian Utomo. According to Sad Dian, the information was given to Commission IX of …

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DPRD Jakarta Urged to Publish Attendance Report

23 February 2014 The Jakarta Legislative Council (DPRD) has been urged to publish their attendance report so that 7,021,514 voters in Jakarta will be able to know their work, according to Jakarta Legal Aid and Human Rights Association (PBHI) public policy head CecepHandoko. Cecep said PBHI had sent a letter to DPRD asking for the attendance report as it could …

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(Bahasa) Berangus Pungli dengan Penguatan Sistem IT dan Keterbukaan Informasi


Berangus Pungli dengan Penguatan Sistem IT dan Partisipasi Publik melalui Keterbukaan Informasi JAKARTA Setelah mencanangkan pemberantasan pungutan liar (pungli), Presiden Joko Widodo mengingatkan agar aksi tersebut tak berhenti hanya sebagai sebuah gerakan simbolik atau seremonial semata, namun harus betul-betul fokus dan konkret di lapangan. Di mata Presiden, langkah reformasi hukum yang dicanangkan dengan gebrakan aksi pemberantasan pungli melalui tim …

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FoINI of South Sulawesi Held Public Discussion

Diskusi Publik Transparansi Mewujudkan Pemerintahan Bersih dan Bebas Korupsi

Public discussion that organized by KOPEL Indonesia in collaboration with Anti-corruption Clinic, on Thursday (November 13th, 2014) at 09.30 pm. Discussions are taking place in the Laica Marzuki video conference Faculty of Law, University of Hasanuddin, and attended by various society elements, including students, academicians, and NGOs. Discussions with the theme Transparency Create a Clean and Free of Corruption Government. …

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West Kalimantan Civil Societies Compile the Position Papers Acceleration of West Kalimantan Information Commission Inauguration

West Kalimantan District Parliament has finished choose 5 Commissioner for Information Commission and announced by District Parliament through letter No. 162/139 / DPRD-D on August 21st, 2014. However, until November 10th, 2014, West Kalimantan Information Commission has not inducted by the Governor of West Kalimantan. Response to these conditions, the elements of civil society in West Kalimantan consolidating themselves to …

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Expanding their Networking, the South Sulawesi FoINI Form a Coalition with Makassar Civil Society


Although it has been a subject of discussion among various of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) since years ago, public information disclosure is still the main concern of those CSOs desiring of the realization of transparent and accountable governance. To fulfil this aspiration, the Makassar Legislative Monitoring Committee – Komite Pemantau Legislatif (KOPEL) Makassar – which is part of the Freedom …

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International Right to Know Day

Toby Mendel kecil

Sept. 28 is International Right to Know Day, a day to celebrate the right of citizens to access information held by public bodies (the right to information or RTI). Originally proclaimed on Sept. 28, 2002, International Right to Know Day is now formally recognized in countries around the world with activities ranging from conferences, prize-giving ceremonies, online discussions (the Centre …

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FoINI Considered that the Information Commission Performance is Poor


Celebrating Right to Know Day (September 28th, 2014) Freedom of Information Network Indonesia (FoINI) expresses disappointment at the performance of Information Commission 2013-2017 period. FoINI assessed that Information Commission has perform badly, even potentially inhibit the openness climate. Rofik Ahmad, spokesman of FoINI stated that Information Commission is supposed to be the guardian and guarantor of the civil rights to …

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JPIP-USAID Appreciated the Central Information Commission with Accountability Award


Jakarta, – The Java Post Institute of Pro-Autonomy (JPIP) in cooperation with USAID give Accountability awards to the Central Information Commission (KIP). Trophy award is awarded by Executive Director of JPIP, A. Rohman Budijanto to the Chairman of Central Information Commission Abdulhamid Dipopramono at Bidakara Hotel Ballroom Jakarta, on Tuesday (September 9th, 2014). According to Rhido Jusmad from JPIP, essentially …

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